Celebrating 1 year of VATNAV!

Celebrating 1 year of VATNAV!

One year ago today on 12 August 2019 I opened my laptop to start my very first full week as my own boss.It was weird not commuting, and I wasn't quite sure if I should get dressed or not*. (At the time, we were in the middle of a very delayed kitchen renovation so actually I had that decision made for me when a tiler let himself into our flat without knocking at 7.30am, but that's another story.)

The months beforehand had been filled with company set-up admin, legalities, logo design (the picture below is the very first sketch I did before a great graphic designer turned it into a "proper" logo!), discussions on contracts, planning, forecasting and website writing. So, I felt as ready as I could be(!!)

Well, if I had known that this first year of business would have included: not having a base for the first month; relocating to a new area; 6 weeks of medical appointments; four months of Coronavirus lockdown; and a huge ongoing downturn in the economy hitting the industries I advise the hardest, I am not sure I would have taken the step. Its tough right now and we are all feeling it. However, I am really glad I did take that step, because getting through all of the above has given me so much confidence and I know it will make my business (and me) stronger in the long run.

Celebrating 1 year of VATNAV!

Thank you!

I really wanted to write this as a thank you message to all those who have helped me with VATNAV so far. I have been completely blown away by all the support I have had this past year, be it time and advice, referrals and recommendations, to general positivity and good vibes (and of course those who sat there whilst I held up various versions of the same logo asking "which do you prefer").

It is an absolute pleasure to work with my clients, both new and old. I know how important your businesses are to you, so thank you so much for trusting me with your VAT affairs, and I hope we will be working together for many more years :-)

Some people say that it can be lonely running your own business, but actually I've found the opposite and feel that I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone I've come across.

I feel extremely proud (and relieved!) to have made it past the one year mark, and particularly in these current economic times. I'm conscious that other businesses have not been so lucky, but I hope this small blog is seen as a word of thanks, positively and hope, and not a gloat!

Here's to many more years. Thank you so much for all your support, and happy birthday VATNAV! :-)

*Definitely yes - I now even "walk to work" (I basically just walk round the block for 10 minutes) to make sure I am ready for the day ahead.