What We Do

VATNAV provides VAT consultancy services, and has additional expertise in the Tour Operators Margin Scheme (TOMS) rules, and other VAT issues affecting the travel industry. We have worked with many different types of businesses over our 16 years in the VAT world and have wrapped our heads round a wide range of queries and projects. We are always happy to have a chat to see how best we can help you.

We know most people don't "enjoy" VAT like we do, and so want to try and make VAT as pleasant and straightforward as possible. We aim to deliver expert comprehensive VAT advice in "plain English", and to help you "optimise" your VAT position. We always like to explain our "buzzwords" so read on for details on what this means to us...

Plain English

We know that many businesses would rather not spend hours reading VAT legislation, or trying to interpret complex advice and legal jargon. Although we are always be happy to provide full technical comments as part of our service, we appreciate that what is often preferred is clear comprehensive advice...allowing you to understand your VAT position, feel in control of it, and most importantly get back to running your business.

Optimising VAT

VAT is important to get right for any business as it can often make a huge difference to profitability, cash flow and market value. To us, "optimising VAT" means firstly ensuring your VAT risks are minimised (i.e. that your VAT treatment and accounting is clear, accurate, and consistent). Secondly, ensuring that you are never paying any more VAT than necessary. VAT is rarely "black and white", the law is ever-changing and there are often multiple VAT options available - let us help you ensure yours is the most efficient for your business.

VAT in the travel industry

In the travel industry in particular, VAT can be significant - the industry is naturally transaction heavy, internationally based and, of course, has the added bonus of TOMS. There is much diversity, uncertainty and complexity... What is TOMS? Can I avoid it? Can I optimise it? How do I act as agent instead? What on earth do I do post-Brexit!? We have 10 years of specialism in the travel industry and are very familiar with the extra challenges facing these businesses for VAT and TOMS. We regularly debunk complex TOMS calculations, support businesses in their dealings with HMRC, review T&Cs to confirm agency status, and help business to understand and take control of their VAT systems.

We speak your language and are always keen to assist.