A message from us on Coronavirus

A message from us on Coronavirus

I think its fair to say its not been anyone's best week. My thoughts are with everyone trying to drag their businesses kicking and screaming through the next few months, but in particular the travel and events industries. These industries bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our skin and hearts all year round. The posts I have been reading on LinkedIn over the past week have been heartbreaking as I watch how many of you are facing agonising decisions as to if and how you can retain your staff and your business, all whilst working round the clock trying to help tourists and business travellers back home.

You guys are all fantastic and I'm proud to play a very small part in your industries. As we all keep reminding ourselves, this won't last forever and I really hope every one of us comes out the other side safe, healthy, and stronger.

In the meantime, I've been having a think about very small ways in which I can help, and how I can best use my time. Although VAT is a small part of business in many ways, it can be a large cost and so it is worth thinking about at this time. Many of you will already be aware of HMRC's Time To Pay arrangements for VAT and other taxes. I think we can go one further than that, and I will be sharing some ideas from Monday on VAT refund opportunities in the travel and events sector which will take very little of your time but may have a welcome effect on your business. Also please give me a call any time on 07971 642789 to discuss any worries you may have about VAT and cash flow and I will do my best to help in any way I can.

The picture is VATNAV's office, which already comes "Coronavirus-friendly" in that I have been working from home since I started the business in August. Moreover, my husband and I decided back in September that we couldn't work in the same room due to "creative differences" ;-) so we are already self-isolating throughout our working day. So, I'm not going to say its "business as usual", as we all know it is anything but, but I am fully set up to assist you. Face-to-face meetings are of course a challenge for us all at the moment but many of these we can do over Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, etc. I will be speaking with you individually about meetings already arranged to discuss how and when we proceed.

Keep going everyone, you are all doing a brilliant job. We will get through this xx